Tuesday, June 05, 2012

RCF Online Grand Prix

The 1st qualifying tournament of the Online Grand Prix organized by the Russian Chess Federation and based in the ChessOK Playing Zone took place July 3, 2012.

529 chess players participated in the competition, including 64 international grandmasters and 75 international masters.

The results of the tournament:
The 1st and 2nd places are shared by grandmasters Pridorozhnyi (Russia) and Kovalenko (Ukraine) – 11.5 points of 13 possible. The 3rd to 7th places are shared by 5 players: grandmasters Zhigalko (Belarus), Andreykin and Bukavshin (both from Russia), and masters Kovalev (Belarus) and Kantans (Latvia).

The next qualifying tournament will take place June 24, at 16-00 UTC.

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