Saturday, October 01, 2005

Anand beat Adams, as expected

This is position from previous post


Critical move here was 23... Ne1 and then 24. Ne1 Ra1 25. Nh6 Bh6 26.Qh6 Nd5 (or Re5) with equality, most likely draw after Rg6 sacrifice somewhere.

Adams went for 23... Bd5. His idea was probably, after possible ed5 and trade on e1, to earn tempo with Re1 threat.

Game continued with 24. Nh6 Bh6 25. Qh6 Qf2 (25... Be4! looks better and then 26. Re4 Qf2 27. Kh2 Re4 and this rook stops Nh4-Nh6) 26. Kh2 Ne1 27. Nh4! Ned3? (Nd3 is decisive mistake, white's attack is now unstoppable. Much better was 27... Nf3! giving a piece back for consolidating tempo. 27... Nf3 28. Nf3 (or 28. Rf3) deflects one of white's attacking pieces and black has time for Be4 or Qd4 respectively.)

The rest was easy 28. Ng6 Qg3 29. Kg3 fg6 30. Qg6 Kf8 31. Qf6 Kg8 32. Bh6 and black resigned.

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